Preparing for LPIC-102

2007-03-20 21:01:00

Cailin working hard

One of the rules my employer Snow imposes on its employees is a rather strict certification track. Technically speaking each employee progresses through five C-levels, starting at 0 and ending up at 4. As you reach new levels of certification you will also reap benefits of your hard work.

Let's take the track that applies to me as an example:

C0 = no certification

C1 = LPIC1 (101 and 102) and ITIL Fundamentals

C2 = LPIC2 (201 and 202)

C3 = SCSA1 and SCSA2

C4 = SCNA and others

The irony of the matter is that I've already achieved both SCSA exams and the SCNA exam a long time ago, but that I'm still stuck at C0 because I haven't done my LPICs. So to work myself up the ladder I'm slogging my way through the requisite LPIC stuff, even though I'm not that fond of Linux.

The challenge here lies in the fact that haven't used Linux in a professional environment that much, so I'm at a disadvantage when compared to the rest of my colleagues. I'm really glad I've always been a rather good student, so cramming with a few books should get me through. I managed to score a 660 (87%) at my LPIC-101, so that brings some hope :)

And now I'm cramming for the 102 exam! Since I was postponing it way too long, I reckoned I'd better get my act together! This week I took two days off to dedicate myself completely to studying. I managed to work through six of the nine objectives in these two days, resulting in a thirty-one page summary so far. In two weeks time I'll take another two days and then I'll be ready!

Like last time I'll post my summary over here, to help out all those other souls trundling through their LPICs. tags: , , ,

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