Accessing your Mac at home, from work - reprise

2007-03-13 08:11:00

Well, It works, I can use my iBook at home from my desktop PC at work. I'd tested the whole setup at home, using both my Powermac and the Thinkpad $CLIENT gave me and VNC worked properly and rather smooth.

Unfortunately the Internet connection at $CLIENT isn't too great, so the VNC connection is a bit sluggish. Changing desktops (I run Desktop Manager to sort my apps across four desktops) takes a second or three and building a completely new screen takes about two. So it's not great, but it's doable at least.

I'll try this out for a few days, see how it pans out. If I don't get stuck in any way I'll leave my iBook at home from now on. tags: , ,

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