Short review of the CA1-005 CASP+ / SecurityX beta

2024-05-20 19:47:00

This morning I woke way too early to take CompTIA's CA1-005 SecurityX beta. 

118 questions and I used two hours (out of the three allotted). I thought the invite said four hours max, but okay, fine. I thought the MC questions were mostly pretty good, only a very small amount of stinkers. The PBQ weren't that exciting though, could've been more.

One thing that stands out: CAS-004 was the first CompTIA exam to introduce a PBQ in a real Linux virtual machine. CA1-005 has removed all of the Linux commands from the objectives, which suggests that CompTIA decided to kill that particular subject and the VM PBQ. I for one did not encounter the VM at all.

All in all, is the CASP+ / SecurityX a competent, more technical alternative to CISSP? I think it's not far off! Now the problem to tackle is brandname recognition. tags: , ,

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