MCCT (Modern Classroom Certified Trainer) done

2024-05-13 08:58:00

This weekend I had a few spare hours to laze around in my hammock. What better way to spend them, than to do some quick brushing up on my training skillset?

Logical Operations, have a training and certification they call MCCT: Modern Classroom Certified Trainer. It is currently discounted to $95, including the exam and cert. 

MCCT is very clearly targeted at trainers who need to migrate from classroom to digital teaching. The training and certification do not go into didactics and curriculum creation, it is purely about achieving success in digital / remote / asynchronous training.

MCCT is by no means a replacement for CompTIA's now-retired CTT+. 

Training materials consist of 2.5h of video, a PDF book and slide decks. The exam are 48 multiplechoice questions, 36/48 needed to pass. The exam is untimed, unproctored and open book. 

My opinions on the matter:

Jon's training impressed upon me once again the importance of community-building, especially in an async class. Yet again that makes me amazed that Practical DevSecOps appear to actively discourage community-building in their trainings. tags: ,

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