Rescuing my homelab

2024-05-10 17:12:00

It's been almost a year since I last fired up my homelab. I haven't had a need for the 20+ VMs since I did my Ansible and CDP exams as just about all the other exams I prepared on a smaller, local env. 

A few weeks back I decided to fire up my R710 again, to see if everything still works. It's antiquated and it runs a version of VMWare ESXi 6.5.x. Since its boot drive is a USB flash drive, I was a bit worried.

Lo and behold, I am greeted by a pink/purple screen that says:

failed to mount boot tardisk

Whelp... I have some inclination what that means and I don't like it. Unfortunately the Internet also wasn't of much help, as that exact error appeared once on a German forum. 

After some messing about, I'm happy to learn that my USB boot drive still had a recovery option! Pressing <shift><r> when told to, pops me into recovery mode. It tells me I can restore a previous install (which curiously had the exact same OS version), which I did.

By the sounds of it, all my VMs are booting again. :)

Now to make a backup of that flash drive! tags: , ,

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