Practical DevSecOps CTMP course and exam

2023-01-16 07:20:00

In early 2021 I needed to learn about DevSecOps and CI/CD and I needed it fast. A crash course if you will, into all things automation, pipelines, SAST, SCA, DAST and more. I went with PDSO's Certified DevSecOps Professional course, which included a 12h hands-on exam.

Here's my review from back then, TLDR: I learned a huge amount, their labs were great, their videos are good, their PDF was really not to my liking. 

Since then I've worked with a great team of people, team Strongbow at ${Bank}, and we've taught over a thousand engineers about PKI, about pentesting, about API security and about threat modelling. So when PDSO introduced their CTMP course (Certified Threat Modelling Professional) I jumped at the chance to formalize my understanding of the topic.

My review of the training materials is going to be very similar to that of CDP:

I took the exam yesterday and it was great, better than I expected!

For anyone looking for tips to take the CTMP exam: tags: , ,

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