An actual office for Unixerius

2023-01-08 19:58:00

Before and after redecoration

Way back when, over ten years ago, Dick had rented some local office space for Unixerius. He used it for storage, I don't think anyone ever did some actual work over there. So, that rental space wasn't long-lived.

After Dick's passing in 2021, I took over running Unixerius in January of 2022. One practical hitch about owning a company which I didn't care for, is having my private home address in the chamber of commerce's registry. That's why I rented a flex-desk at the now defunct Data Center Almere

Per the start of 2023 I'm now renting an actual office space again, at MAC3Park. They gave me a good deal on a 25m2 room, with eletricity and Internet-access included. And because the previous tenant had left in a hurry there was even some furniture left behind! They were going to toss it all, but I was very happy to have a big desk, decent chair and a comfy sofa!

The only downside to the room was the awfully bad paintjob a previous tenant had done. Dreary grey, with streaks, splotches, grease marks and overspray. I spent the week between Christmas and New Year's redecorating and cleaning. It's now a very, very comfortable office for work and studying!

The Ikea book case used to be in my kid's room and now holds memorabilia to past jobs, teams, colleagues and students. tags: ,

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