Practicing with azcli, to build an Azure DevOps lab

2022-07-09 20:52:00

This fall I am scheduled to teach an introductory class on DevSecOps, to my Linux+ students at ITVitae. Ideally, if things work out, this will be a class that I'll teach more frequently! It's not just the cyber-security students who need to learn about DevSecOps, it's just as important (if not more) to the developers and data scientists!

Since this course is going to be hands-on, I'm prepping the tooling to configure a lab environment with students forming small teams of 2-4. I'd hate to manually set up all the Azure DevOps and Azure Portal resources for each group! So, I'm experimenting with azcli, the Azure management command line tool. 

Sure, I could probably work even more efficient with Terraform or ARM templates, but I don't have time enough on my hands to learn those from scratch. azcli is close enough to what I know already (shell scripting and JSON parsing), to get the show on the road. 

Here's a fun thing that I've learned: every time one of my commands fails, I need to go back and make sure that I didn't forget to stipulate the organization name. :D 

For example:

% az devops security group membership add --group-id "vssgp.Uy0xLTktMT....NDk0" --member-id "aad.ODU0MjMyZTAtN...0MmVk"

Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: memberDescriptor

That command was supposed to add one of the student accounts from the external AD, to one of the Azure DevOps teams I'd defined. But it keeps saying that I've left the --member-id as an empty value (which I clearly haven't).

Mulling it over and scrolling through the output for --verbose --debug, I just realized: "Wait, I have to add --org to all the previous commands! I'm forgetting it here!". 

And presto:

az devops security group membership add --group-id "vssgp.Uy0xLTktMT....NDk0" --member-id "aad.ODU0MjMyZTAtN...0MmVk" --org ""

That was it! tags: , ,

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