Memes in corporate communications

2021-12-28 07:29:00

It's been years now, since Internet meme imagery has started showing up in corporate communications: from adverts to internal Powerpoint presentations, you've probably seem them. A quick talk at the office made me remember that classic episode of Star Trek:tNG, where the crew have a run-in with the Tamaran who speak in metaphors.

It made me realize, as linguists have been pointing out for aeons apparently, that we as global people can definitely head in the same direction. I mean, sure! My best friend Menno and myself can speak in 90s animation memes! So why not?

Here's how you could explain the current Log4j hullabaloo in meme-speak.

JNDI:       There's no way this could go wrong!
Log4j:      ORLY?
Log4j:      Yo dawg, we heard you like resolvers in your logs! So we put...

2021:       Pwning log4j hypetrain, let's go! To the moon!
Researcher: Shit's on fire yo.
InfoSec:    My hair is on fire! My hair is on fire!
Management: Let's go! In-n-out! 20 minute adventure
InfoSec:    One does not simply ...
DevOps:     Science dog has no idea what he's doing.
DevOps:     I know nothing about ... at this point I'm too afraid to ask
InfoSec:    This is fine.

2031:       Remember when? ... Pepperidge farms remembers! tags: ,

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