I still don't regret switching to MacOS

2021-11-08 21:37:00

It has been almost exactly 18 years since I switched to MacOS, coming from Windows and Linux. November 2003! When the Powermac G5 was the hottest thing (literally). 

MacOS 10.3 was ready to drop and I was giddy about that beautiful, heavy cheesegrater under my desk. 

Why bring this up now? Because I just realized that the three laptops I'm using have all been great for us! Thee Macbooks Air, two from 2014 and one from 2017. All with 8GB of RAM and the i5 CPU. And they still work perfectly fine for my daily needs! 

They run my Docker containers, my Linux VMs with VirtualBox and Vagrant, my BurpSuite and all my productivity tools. And they're still good looking, light and quiet. That was money well spent!

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