CompTIA closed beta for CASP+ CAS-004

2021-05-13 10:33:00

CompTIA often have beta releases for new versions of their exams. You'll notice my blog has articles dating back a few years, where I keep doing these beta tests, "for fun and profit". Most betas are open to all takers, but the CASP+ (advanced security practitioner) is "closed". With thanks to some very nice people at CompTIA I managed to get accepted into the closed beta. 

Took the test this morning, at home via the OnVue testing solution. As before my experiences with OnVue were decent. 

However! In a not-so-fun move, PearsonVue decided to do a big and unannounced IAM change! Anyone who's testing via PearsonVue for CompTIA, whom also has tested for other companies (such as Microsoft) has now been forced to take a new username. They literally changed everybody's login names, without warning them up front. And no, you also don't get an email. Now they have a warning on their login page, but last night I got a big fright because there was zero information!

Here's a few things I took away from the CAS-004 beta.

The exam gave me three hours time and took me between a bit less than two hours to power through without going back to any questions. There were plenty "bad" questions in there (see above) and a few where I honestly would not know the answer. Since this is a beta I decided to pludge it without studying any of the books or materials. tags: ,

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