Quick, new insights from tonight's kendo

2011-07-30 23:37:00

Practiced again with Martijn tonight and I learned two things. Or actually, I knew them as a matter-of-course, but their importance was impressed upon me once more.

  1. The center line is what it's all about, both defensively and offensively. Having the line opens up many modes of attack which require much less effort to break open. Losing the line opens you up to plenty of attacks in a heartbeat.
  2. Speed. I need to develop it. Not only do I need to stop waiting things out and spend X amount of seconds thinking and looking, but I also need to make my movements much faster. Halfway through our practice I decided to up the ante a little bit, to get more pushy and to get faster. BAM! Martijn pours on the speed as well and I'm lost. It showed so very, very clear how much he's been holding back so far. 

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