Well, that was hard work!

2011-06-11 12:54:00

Again, like a few weeks ago, we had a rather small group at Renshinjuku in Almere. While a low attendance does affect the atmosphere negatively (nobody's on edge) it also has an upside: everyone can get the undivided attention of sensei and the sempai. And today I learnt that many of the things I've been doing really aren't that good, but so far they've gone unaddressed.

Hillen noticed two things, one of which I've stupidly forgotten :( 

Kris really was very dedicated and noticed a boatload of things:

I didn't work with Ton very much today, but during uchi-geiko it was obvious that:

There was more, but sadly it doesn't come to mind just yet. I'll try to remember later...

Both Kris and Ton suggested getting a third-person's view of my suburi. Either by using a mirror or a camera. Marli had also suggested the same a few weeks ago. I'd better set up the mini tripod I have, so I can film myself. Worked when I was learning golf swings, so it'll work here as well. 

I spoke with Martijn, my study-buddy you might say, on the way home and I've decided that I need to up my running schedule to build more endurance. I don't know if it's the heat in the dojo today, if I'm just in a rut or whether I just suck, but today's class wore me out. I haven't sweat as much as this before! My keiko-gi and undershirt were drenched! I was already panting quite heavily after the laps of warming up footwork and I couldn't hold my post-striking position that long either (while the teachers were evaluating us). 

So. Not necessarily more, but longer running! And I really need to stick to my at-home suburi schedule!

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