Holy crap Apple! Way to up the bar!

2010-10-20 20:48:00

The new Macbook Air

Wow. Just, wow. 

Tonight Steve Jobs got on stage and, among many other nice things, announced the new Macbook Air range for 2010. I was going "Nice, nice..." while he was going down the spec list, then I went "WHOA HOLY SH!T!!!" when he announced the price point: $999 for the base model which has an 11.6" screen and weighs in at -literally- one kilogram. 

Yeah. The next business laptop I'm getting? It's -that- one. If I ever need on-the-road virtualization I'll just run the VMs at home and access them through remote desktop.


Ah! And here is the iFixit tear-down of the new MBA

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