Evaluation of my NLUUG presentation

2010-06-05 11:32:00

Wow, what a fright! Earlier this week I received an email from the NLUUG conference staff which contained the evaluation of all presentations. Mine was listed with the lowest grade of all at a sucky 5.0. What an awful scare! O-O

I had no clue what'd gone wrong. Sure, I'd talked too fast cutting the presentation short. And yeah, one guy'd told me it was a borderline sales pitch. But overall I thought things'd gone pretty well and I'd gotten some positive reactions!

Eager to hear what went wrong I asked the staff for some more details. Had visitors provided any specific, written feedback? This would of course be a prime learning opportunity! Well, unfortunately such a thing was not available. But! It turns out that, out of fifty attendants, only two people had actually filled out the evaluation. So my 5.0 was down to 4% of the attendants. *phew* That's a bit of a relief :)

On the 22nd I'll be repeating my presentation at the USN monthly get-together. Sounds like fun :)

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