A lesson I'd do well to learn

2010-04-16 05:52:00

... not because I'm going to work in Japan, but because even in the Netherlands it would be quite, quite helpful.

Quoting Hiko who is giving tips to survive in the Japanese workplace.

There are times in our lives that we have had the joy of letting rip with a phrase of self righteous condemnation like [this is bulls**t!]. Look back and remember those times. Savor them, and cherish them knowing that so long as you are in Japan and wish to remain employed and an unstigmatized non-social-outcast, you will never be able to have memories like ever that again, unless the story ends "and so then I was fired, and left Japan and overall I was a better person for the experience". Japan is a pathologically non-confrontational culture. All that bottled up indignation and rage tends to get released as passive aggression, or internalized into digestive-tract disorders. The best solution is to learn to undo your reflex to want to butt heads and learn how to resolve conflict the Japanese way.

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