Open Coffee networking event in Almere

2009-05-19 21:44:00

The Open Coffee Almere logo.

Taking a page out of the good book on Open Coffee networking events, I've decided to start one for Almere. Following the example of the original Open Coffee event, we'll gather every month (same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!) to meet new people over a cup of hot Java.

To get things going I've opened the Open Coffee Almere group at With a bit of luck we'll get a few dozen members soon.

To make the group stand out a little bit I've worked with InkScape for a few hours. By combining the Almere coat of arms with the common logo for most Dutch OC groups I think I've managed to create something unique. Besides, I didn't feel like re-using the same low-res image all the other groups use ;) By making the logo a vector image I've guaranteed that we can resize it to -any- size without loss of quality.


I've set up a simple Wordpress site at to act as a face to the masses. tags: , , ,

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