Syncing your Siemens SL78H with Mac OS X

2009-03-06 06:01:00

The Siemens SL78H DECT cordless phone sports a very nice mobile-like feature set, including Bluetooth vCard syncing. Unfortunately this doesn't work with Mac OS X out of the box, but there's a work around.

Before you start off, pair your Mac and the SL78H in the usual fashion. Turn Bluetooth on for both devices, then on the Siemens go to Bluetooth > Find device. Go through the usual song and dance. Be sure to set your Mac to be discoverable.

Here's how you go from there.

1. In Address Book, make a new list of the contacts that you want on the phone.

2. Export this list of contacts as a group vCard (File > Export).

3. Make a backup of your Address Book (File > Export > Archive).

4. Remove all of your contacts. Then import the group vCard (File > Import).

Your Address Book is now empty, except for the contacts you want to transfer to the SL78H.

5. Download vCard blaster for Mac OS X.

6. Run vCard blaster and choose to send one vCard at a time, WITH acknowledgement.

7. Click Go and acknowledge each transfer.

You're now set and all your contacts are on the SL78H. You can turn Bluetooth off again.

8. Restore your Address Book from its backup (File > Import > Archive). tags: ,

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