This is frustrating! Finding a Firewire extension cord

2009-03-03 10:36:00

$DEITY! All I'm trying to do is to hook up my Lacie Firewire speakers to my Powermac. The Lacie's come with a non-detachable 1m FW cable, while my Mac is about 3m away.

This should of course be easily fixable with an extension cord or a hub. Right? Were it not that this is not USB, which is the VHS to Firewire's Betamax and thus there is next to nearly nothing usable out there for Firewire. Oh sure, Belkin has a USB/FW hub, but it rings in around 40 euros. And there's -one- extension cord available in the Netherlands, but it's a whopping 27 euros o_O

I'll go trawl eBay/Marktplaats now... See what I can come up with on the secondhand market. *sigh*

EDIT: Thank $DEITY for who have a 6P F-F adapter which will let me hook up two cables. At about five bob apiece, that's pretty good... tags: , , ,

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