It's great to know one's work is appreciated

2008-06-03 15:05:00

Fuckin' A, man!

As the title of this post says: it's great to know that at least there's -someone- out there who appreciates the work you do :)

Case in point: I've been putting all my college term papers and summaries online and I've been keeping an extensive Wiki with class notes. From time to time a teacher or classmate will suggest that they've had some use for these sites, which is of course quite nice. But last night the aforementioned guidance counselor told me something that made me really happy ^_^

Next year she'll be teaching the second year's General didactics course. Because the course is currently given by one of our somewhat wishy-washy teachers, she was told that she'd have to hunt around and ask people for all the materials. I guess that most of the stuff was never really put to paper. Luckily Lisette knew about my site, found my summary and class notes and was done within a day. Her supervisor was perplexed! :D

So yeah, it's great to know that you're appreciated ^_^ tags: , , ,

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