Oral defense of this semester's project

2008-04-09 11:05:00

Last monday my project team had its appointment for our oral defense of our essays. This was the first time we've had to do such a thing, since most docent's are happy just reading through our papers. In this case however, the teacher wanted to prod our minds a little about some additional questions.

We came well prepared, as each of us had researched the questions we'd been given. In my case, the teach wanted to know about two things:

1. How would you go about planning a big workload for a depressed child, say for example his final exams?

2. What needs to be done if a depressed child becomes the victim of harassment by his peers?

Our defense went very well, with each of us answering all the questions to the teach's satisfaction. We actually had a good time and there was no stress at all :) In the end we were told that we could count on a 90%, assuming he didn't find any flaws in our final process reports. Nice!

I have to say that the docent did come off quite wishy-washy. We'd told him that our fifth group member had quit school no less than three times and he was still surprised when there was noone to answer the questions about the guy's report in depth. Uhm yeah, we told you? He left? Which also explains why he was about to completely skip my part of the interview, since he thought I was the guy who left. Scatterbrained much? :/ Jeez!...

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