A summary of "Identiteitsontwikkeling en leerlingbegeleiding"

2008-02-16 21:05:00

As I've said, one of the killer first year's courses is Kijk op leerlingen en leren. Aside from a number of term papers and research that need to be done, there's also a big exam.

This exam presents the students with a number of cases that they need to assess using the experience they've gained throughout the course. During the exam, students are allowed to refer to the course book, Identiteitsontwikkeling en leerlingbegeleiding by van der Wal, de Mooij and de Wilde.

Below, you'll find my summary of four of the book's chapters. I didn't have time to tackle the chapter on the development of intelligence.

My summary is compiled as a 50+ .PDF document. You can download my summary here.

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