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Back to kendo, finally!

2011-10-30 21:11:00

kendo glasses

Finally! After missing five weeks of kendo practice, or any other sport, I'm back! 

I really need to start running again, but putting that aside: yesterday was kendo class! And I was glad to be back! ^_^ As can be expected after more than a month without exercise it was tough going. My endurance was down, as is my muscle power and lung capacity. And as always my timing is off and I still suck at making the small strikes. 

My absence however has allowed me to become aware of something new, a flaw I hadn't noticed before. When moving forwards to make a strike I do not keep my upper body straight. I correctly move forward by pushing from my hips, but instead of keeping my shoulders above my point of gravity, I actually hollow my back. This messes up my form, my strike and my timing. I've always wondered why I suck so much at making good fumikomi: now I know. 

Having recently returned from Japan I presented two of our trainers with the omiyage I bought them. On day 6 of our trip we'd visited the Hakozaki shrine to the kami Hachiman, protector of warriors and farmers. Hachiman is one of Shinto's most popular deities, covering both war and harvest. At the shrine I bought omamori (charms) for victory in sports and būdo, which is what I gave to my teachers as a token of gratitude.

I've also ordered a frame for kendo glasses. These, from As I've mentioned before I cannot wear my own glasses inside my men and it's a pipedream to think that I will ever be able to wear contacts. I recently spent 45 minutes failing to even touch my eyeball, so putting a contact on there is completely out the window. Anyway. The frame needs to come in from the US, so it'll take a while to get here. Then I still need to get my prescription lenses made for them, which is going to cost a pretty penny. Then, after that I can -finally- put on a helmet and get hit in the head :D tags: , ,

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BoKS: setting new users' default shell

2011-10-26 00:00:00

Recently we upgraded our BoKS master and replica servers. Out went the aged Sun V210 with Solaris 8 and BoKS 6.0.3 and in came shiny new hardware+OS+BoKS. Lovely! Everything was purring along! We did start getting complaints that newly created users couldn't log in to all of their servers, which seemed odd. One of our Unix admins spotted that all these users had their shells set to bash, while ksh is the default shell we should be using.

How come the user default shell had changed all of a sudden? We traced the cause back to the BoKS web interface, but couldn't find out where the new shell setting had come from.

So! Back to grepping through the TCL source code of the web interface! A last ditch attempt, searching for every instance of the word "shell" (excluding the help files of course). In between oodles of lines of code I stumble upon this nugget:

# Get first shell from /etc/shells if it exists,
proc boks_uadm_get_default_shell {} {
    if { [catch {set fp [open /etc/shells r]}] == 0 } {

So there you have it! The BoKS v6.5 web interface simply grabs the first line of /etc/shells (if the file exists) and uses that for default value in the "shell" field when creating new user accounts. After changing the first line back to /bin/ksh things were back to normal.

An RFC has been submitted to make the user' default shell a configurable option. tags: , ,

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