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That, as they say, was that

2008-06-23 20:54:00

*sigh* That was it...

Today I had my last two exams of this school year and, barring any mishaps, I won't have to redo them. Meaning that now my college career is officially over... For now. *sniffle* I'll definitely miss it.

Ah... *stretch* I'll be back in a few years; no doubt about that. Now! Off to do some work around the house! tags: , ,

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It's great to know one's work is appreciated

2008-06-03 15:05:00

Fuckin' A, man!

As the title of this post says: it's great to know that at least there's -someone- out there who appreciates the work you do :)

Case in point: I've been putting all my college term papers and summaries online and I've been keeping an extensive Wiki with class notes. From time to time a teacher or classmate will suggest that they've had some use for these sites, which is of course quite nice. But last night the aforementioned guidance counselor told me something that made me really happy ^_^

Next year she'll be teaching the second year's General didactics course. Because the course is currently given by one of our somewhat wishy-washy teachers, she was told that she'd have to hunt around and ask people for all the materials. I guess that most of the stuff was never really put to paper. Luckily Lisette knew about my site, found my summary and class notes and was done within a day. Her supervisor was perplexed! :D

So yeah, it's great to know that you're appreciated ^_^ tags: , , ,

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An exciting week up ahead!

2008-06-01 20:16:00

Little D, having a hard time sleeping. Courtesy of

Man o man, is this week going to be exciting and busy! ^_^

For starters, tomorrow will be completely jam-packed! I'll start off with a morning at one of the schools I'm interviewing with, to get a taste of their atmosphere. After our very pleasant meeting two weeks ago, we wanted to make sure that I like the school well enough before getting down to real business.

I'll then head off to school, which lasts from 1200 until 2000, mixing three different courses with a small project that we're working on. After that I'll meet up with my ever-so lovely guidance counselor, to have a chat about my progress at school. She's been of great help to me this year and I think we can both be pleased with the progress I've made. :)

Tuesday, thursday and friday will be spent at the office, doing what we always do :) I'm working on a rather important project, which consists mostly of paperwork, to ensure the SOX compliancy of $CLIENT.

Wednesday will be a rather special day... I've taken the full day off from work (man, school is really cutting into my vacation hours!), to tackle no less than three interviews!

In the morning I'll visit a school here in Utrecht. They're pretty big on that New Learning thing and I'm quite interested to see how their school works. My classmate Badegul has told me a little about their school and they seem like a rather interesting lot! They're on the up-and-up when it comes to modern teaching methods.

Around lunch I'll pay a visit to Red Five in Woerden. They're the software developers and hosting company behind most of Ephorus' products. I spoke to Ephorus' director a few weeks ago and he set up a meeting for me at Red Five. Maybe I'll be able to provide some consulting on the side for these guys, while I'm working in education. Who knows? ^_^

Finally, in the late afternoon, I'll have a second job interview at a school in Maarsbergen. They only focus on the VMBO level of high school education, meaning that they're focused on getting kids ready for blue collar jobs and the service industry. Their school seems very nice, insofar that it's a bit small and everyone's acquainted. Also, their school's located in an old monastery in the middle of the woods. How cool is that?!

Finally, finally, next weekend will be Snow's annual summer get-together. This year, the whole company will gather on Texel (one of the islands on the dutch coast) to have some fun in the sun and sand. A whole bunch of them are going skydiving, but I opted to take along my homework and to ride my bike around a little bit.

So! Busybusybusy! But I'm actually feeling quite well under all the stress! ^_^ tags: , ,

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