Tips for Microsoft Office

2008-03-07 00:03:00

Generating a table of contents

A few of my classmates have asked me questions about creating a table of contents in their Word documents. Most of my classmates appear to be creating their TOCs manually, by copying each chapter's title and adding a page number after it. Of course this manual process is prone to errors and it also takes up a lot of time. Every time that you make a change to the layout of your document, you'll have to completely redo the TOC.

Luckily, MS Word (and most other word processors) are capable of automatically generating a TOC for you! The clip below shows you how to do it.

The clip weighs in at 29MB, so it will take a little while to load.

Inserting pictures into your document

Another thing my classmates have asked me about, is how to insert pictures into their documents. The following clip (about 26MB) will show you the whole process. tags: , ,

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