Sun's Solaris Express image for Parallels Desktop

2007-04-27 14:32:00

Ever since Apple switched to Intel processors in their systems and Parallels came out with their Parallels Desktop software it's been possible to run Windows, Linux and other Unices inside virtual machines on your Mac. That's totally great, since it allows you to run various test systems without needing additional hardware!

A lot of people also got Solaris 10 to run in PD, although some ran into a little bit of trouble. Well, not anymore! Sun has created a pre-installed Solaris Express image for use with Parallels Desktop. This allows you to immediately get up and running with Solaris, without even having to go through any of the normal installation hoops.

I know what I'll be doing when I get my Macbook in ;)

Thanks to Ben Rockwood for pointing out this little gem. tags: , , ,

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