Fingers crossed! Repairing our iPhoto library

2010-10-22 20:28:00

Oh dear. 

This afternoon, while helping my sister out with her new website, I grabbed a few photos from our iPhoto library without any issues. This evening, wanting to order a print of Dana's second photo book, iPhoto kept on crashing. Oh no. A completely new library worked perfectly, so it seems that our library is broken. Our library, with photographs reaching back ten years. Of course I have backups and we will probably lose 0 photos. But it still sucks if we were to lose our photo books and albums. 

*fingers crossed* Hopefully we can still repair the library with a few tricks :/


Well cock :( iPhoto could not under any condition repair the library database. That sucks. I'm now manually restoring all of the original photographs from our old library, but this means that we've lost all metadata (like tags and such). It also means that we've either lost all of the modified photographs (clean up, colour restoration and such), unless I would import them as duplicates. I'm still hopeful about restoring the album files, based on the old iPhoto library. tags: , ,

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