Upgraded to OS X Snow Leopard

2009-10-25 07:46:00

Screenshot of my Macbook with Snow Leopard(Clickable)

Last week I finally got my mits on our OS X Snow Leopard install disc. After properly backing up my Macbook and disabling the guest acount (to ward off the horrible bug) the install went without a cinch. I fell asleep on the couch while it was running, but I reckon it didn't take more than half an hour. Anywho, afterwards (as expected) everything seemed exactly the same because just about all the changes took place under the hood.

Inspired by some fellow Arsians I went and tinkered some more with Geektool. On my desktop I now have:

* Output from top for the six heaviest processes running.

* SMART status LED for my internal hard drive

* IP address info for Ethernet, Wif and my Internet connection.

* The time and date :)

* In Iron Man's hand:

** Status LED for charger cable

** Current charge percentage of the battery

** Status LED for charging process of battery

Also, here's the original file for the Iron Man background.

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