Back in the saddle:CompTIA PenTest+

2018-03-25 20:54:00

It's been a few months since I last took a certification exam: I closed last year with a speed-run of RedHat's EX413, which was a thrill. Since then, I've taken some time off: got into Civ6, read a few books, caught up on a few shows. But as some of my friends will know, it's never too long before I start feeling that itch again... Time to study!

A few weeks back I learned of the new CompTIA PenTest+ certification. They advertised their new cert with a trial run for the first 400 takers. A beta-test of an exam for $50?! I'm game! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Judging by the reactions on TechExams and Reddit, the test is hard to pin down. CompTIA themselves boast "a need for practical experience", while also providing a VERY extensive list of objectives. Seriously, the list is huge. Reports from test-takers are also all over the place: easy drag-and-drop "simulations", large swathes of multiple-choice questions, a very large focus on four of the big names in scripting, "more challenging than I had expected", or "what CEH should have been".

As for me, my test is booked for 16/04. I don't fully know what to expect, but I intend to have fun! In the mean time I'm using the large list of objectives to simply learn more abou the world of pentesting. My OSCP-certification suggests that I at least understand the basics, but to me it's mostly shown me how much I don't know :) tags: ,

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