Inadvertent guild master (Wakfu)

2015-07-24 07:55:29

The Damn Snoofles guild

Explanation: this post is about the MMORPG "Wakfu", which Marli and myself played pretty hardcore for about a year in 2013/2014. This post was made on the Wakfu forums before being posted here.

A year onward, I find myself in the surprising position of acting guild master. The prolonged absence of our founding players and Ankama's automatic transfer system led to this new situation. 

Snoofles are NOT an active guild anymore (and whenever Shaleigh finds the time, he can remove the "recruiting" from this topic's title). Rosa and myself will maintain our Haven World as a testament to our group's glory days. 2013 and 2014 were a wonderful time, but they won't return. 

Rosa and I came in at the high point of the guild and met lots of lovely people. I fondly think back to running dungeons and endlessly sh*t-talking with Ama, Disc and Seniv. I remember Bloody and his army of alts, taking us on Luna runs, to grind levels. I remember the rush by the high-ranking players to gather mats and Kama to build up our HW to its current form. And I also remember the drama that finally broke up the team, the ousting of a few members that led to a split in leadership and the heartache that followed. 

That is why we'll be conservators: Damn Snoofles was our home for a year and we loved playing with all of you. tags: ,

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