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Puppet Practitioner course completed

2015-06-24 20:03:00

The past few months I've been hearing more and more about Puppet, software that allows for "easy" centralized configuration management for your servers. Monday through Wednesday were spent getting familiar with the basics of the Puppet infrastructure and of how to manage basic configuration settings of your servers. It was an exhausting three days and I've learned a lot!

The course materials assumed that one would make use of the teacher's Puppet master server, while having a practice VM on their own laptop (or on the lab's PC). As I'm usually pretty "balls to the wall" about my studying, I decided that wasn't enough for me :p

Over the course of these three days I've set up a test environment using multiple VMs on my Macbook, running my own Puppet master server, two Linux client systems and a Windows 8 client system. The Windows system provided the most challenges to me as I'm not intimately familiar with the Windows OS. Still, I managed to make all of the exercises work on all three client systems! 

Many thanks to the wonderful Ger Apeldoorn for three awesome days of learning! tags: , , ,

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First attempt at SQL exam: did not pass

2015-06-19 07:59:00

After roughly three months of studying (at night and on the train) I took a gamble: last night I took my Oracle SQL exam 1Z0-051. Along the way I've learned two things:

  1. The contents of the exam are rather different (and more difficult!) from the practice exams and study materials that came with the two books I have.
  2. It's not a good idea to attempt the online exam at 23:00, after a long day of work and an evening of studying :D

I'm going to "deflate" for a few weeks before continuing my studies. I really, really want to achieve my OCA before the end of the year, so I'd better get a hurry on after that.

But first, my first three days of Puppet training! More exciting new things to learn! tags: ,

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