Some of my favourite iPhone apps

2009-01-07 18:07:00

A few logos

I've had my iPhone for a few months now and can seriously say that I do not ever want to part with it! To me it's a phone, web browser and games platform in one, with a big bunch of very handy applications thrown in. I've got about fifty apps loaded, but there's only a few that see daily use. I thought I'd highlight them over here, because they deserve some extra credit :)

In no particular order, they are (where possible links go to dev site, not appstore):

* NetNewsWire, all my RSS feeds on the go.

* Trein, trip advisor the dutch railways.

* TapTap Revenge, a free rhythm game.

* WhiteNoise, loads of soothing background sounds.

* Maps, Google Maps on the go.

* BeeTagg, clean and fast QR Code reader.

* SHOUTcast, >25.000 Internet radio stations on 3G.

* Kana, training me on kana.

* YouTube, duh :p

* World Subway Maps, photos of subway maps (like Tokyo).

The past few weeks my iPhone has really proven itself as my awesome assistant at home, at the office and on the road. I never liked full fledged PDAs or "smart phones", but for me iPhone is the perfect mix of "dumb and smart phone" :) tags: , , ,

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