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Nagios clients for UNIX/Linux

2006-07-27 13:01:00

I've added a small comparison between the various ways in which your Nagios server can communicate with its clients. It's in the menu on the left, or you can go there directly. tags: , , , ,

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Using SNMP with Solaris and Sun hardware

2006-07-26 16:25:00

After digging through Sun's MIB description (see SUN-PLATFORM-MIB.txt) it became clear to me that things are a lot more convoluted than I originally expected. For example, each sensor in the Sun Fire systems lead to at least five objects each describing another aspect of the sensor (name, value, expected value, unit, and so on). Unfortunately Sun has no (public) description of all possible SNMP sensor objects so I've come to the following two conclusions:

1. I'll figure it all out myself. For each model that we're using I'll weasel out every possible sensor and all information relevant to these sensors.

2. I'll have to write my own check script for Nagios which deals with with all the various permutations of sensor arrays in an appropriate fashion. Joy...


For your reference, Sun has released the following documents that pertain to their SNMP implementation. Mostly they're a slight expansion on the info from the MIB. At least they're much easier on the eyes when reading :p

* 817-2559-13

* 817-6832-10

* 817-6238-10

* 817-3000-10 tags: , , , ,

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Using your Mac OS X system with Vodafone GPRS

2006-07-25 10:42:00

Sweet! I've finally gotten my Nokia cell phone to work as a Bluetooth modem for my GPRS connection.

Vodafone had already sent me a manual describing how to set up the connection, but unfortunately it wasn't working for me. Turns out that Vodafone skipped a few steps. The life saver in this matter turns out to be Ross Barkman's website which has GPRS modem scripts for leading brand cell phones.

If you would like to get your OS X system connected to the Internet through GPRS, do the following:

* Download the appropriate scripts for your phone from Ross' website and install them in "/Library/Modem scripts".

* Add your phone as a BT device (refer to your GSM provider's manual for details).

* Tell OS X to use the phone for a high speed Internet connection (refer to your GSM provider's manual for details).

Up to now I've been working according to Vodafone's manual. These are the changes I had to make (all of them in System Preferences -> Network -> Bluetooth modem)...

PPP tab:

* Instead of "*99#", use "" as your telephone number (depending on your subscription it could also be "web." or "live.".

* Username and password are still "vodafone" and "vodafone".

* Turn off "Send PPP echo packets" and "Use TCP header compression" under PPP Options.

Bluetooth modem tab:

* Instead of "Nokia infra-red", use "Nokia GPRS CID1" as the modem script.

* Turn off "Wait for dialtone".

Now your connection should work. Try dialing in using Internet Connect or the Dial Now button in Network preferences. tags: , , ,

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2006-07-25 09:34:00

Right now I'm working on getting my Sun systems properly monitored through SNMP. Using the LM_sensors module for Net-SNMP has gotten me quite far, but there's one drawback. A lot of Sun's internal counters use some really odd values that don't speak for themselves. This makes it necessary to read through Sun's own MIB and correlate the data in there with the stuff from LM_sensors.

Point is, Sun isn't very forthcoming with their MIB even though it should probably be public knowlegde. Nowhere on the web can I find a copy of the file. The only way to get it is by extracting it from Sun's free SUNWmasfr package, which I have done: here's SUN-PLATFORM-MIB.txt

In now way am I claiming this file to be a product of mine and it definitely has Sun's copyright on it. I just thought I'd make the file a -little- bit more accessible through the Internet. If Sun objects, I'm sure they'll tell me :3 tags: , , , ,

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