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NLOSUG meeting

2006-10-25 23:38:00

Phew! That was a long night! I'm not used to staying up this late on weekdays =_=

I went to the first NLOSUG meeting tonight, like I said I would a few days ago. Aside from finally learning a little bit about Open Solaris (although most of it was basic community stuff) and some more in-depth stuff on ZFS, it was also very cool to meet some old acquaintances. There was a bunch of folks from Sun whom I hadn't seen in a long time, as well as Martijn and Job with whom I'd worked as colleagues a long time ago. Shiny :)

So the eve' was mostly for fun, with a little education thrown in. Well worth the hours I put in... tags: , ,

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Using BSD hardware sensors with SNMP.

2006-10-25 09:05:00

Many thanks to my colleague Guldan who pointed me towards a website giving a short description of using the BSD hardware-sensors daemon, together with Nagios in order to monitor your hardware. Using sensord should make things a lot easier for people running BSD, as they won't have to muck about with SNMP OIDs and so on. tags: , , , ,

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Open Solaris Users Group

2006-10-20 13:13:00

Sun has made arrangements for the inaugural meeting of the Dutch Open Solaris Users Group. The meeting will be held on the evening of Thursday the 26th, at their office in Amersfoort.

Aside from the stuff you'd expect (like a few lectures on new Solaris features) you could also say it'll be a fun evening :) Meet some new people, have some food'n'drinks all mixed in with some interesting work-related stuff.

I'm game :) tags: , ,

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Two days of training

2006-10-17 19:38:00

Monday and Tuesday were not spent with the usual Nagios project in Amersfoort. Instead, I spent two days cooped up in a small hotel, somewhere in the Achterhoek (for my foreign visitors: one of the Netherlands' rural, backwater areas). It was time well spent, on a inter-personal communications course from CCCM.

While originally quite sceptic, the course turned out fine. About halfway Monday things took a course that made me decide that their approach might not fit my preferences, but half an hour later I also decided that _sticking_ with the course would help me in achieving one of my goals: learning to play my cards close to my chest and not letting a group of people on to my emotions regarding a subject. So even though the course may not be 100% up my alley, I may as well take the time to get some practice in :)

Anywho... November and January will see two additional training days, with a few personal talks at the CCCM office thrown in as well. tags: , , ,

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Great minds think alike

2006-10-03 23:31:00

This goes to show that the proverb above is right: Joerg Linge, whom I met at NagKon 2006, just e-mailed me. He mentioned that right around the same time we had both come up with a similar solution to one problem.

The problem: use Nagios plugins through a normal SNMP daemon.

Our solutions were identical when it came to configuring the daemon, but differed slightly when it comes to getting the information from the client. The approach is the same, but while he uses Perl for the plugin, I use Bash ^_^

Life's little coincidences :)

Joerg's solution and write-up.

My solution and write-up.

Anywho... Joerg's a cool guy :) Go check out his website and have a look around. tags: , , ,

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