Jumpstart, FLAR and console servers

2005-07-01 15:22:00

Currently at the office, so I'll make it a quick one :3

Unfortunately I've been making longer days than I should this week. I mean, it's not a horrendous amount of hours, but still I'd rather be at home relaxing. This week has seen the people in charge at $CLIENT up the prio on a centralised Jumpstart/FLAR server, which I was supposed to deliver. I was already working on it part time, but now they have me working on it full time. It's quite a lot of fun, since I get to work together with other departments within $CLIENT, thus making more friends and allies ^_^

I also had to struggle with Perle IOLan+ terminal servers this week, since we need to be able to use the serial management port on our Sun servers. Yes, admittedly these boxen do work for this purpose, but I'd rather have a proper console server instead of a piece of kit which was originally meant as a dial-in box for dumb terminals or modems. Let's just say that I dream of Cyclades.

Oh! Last wednesday was my birthday by the way... I've hit 26 now :3 We went out for a lovely dinner at Konichi wa in Utrecht, since we wanted to try out a different Japanese restaurant for a change. I must say: their price/quality proportions are really good! If you ever are in the neighbourhood of Utrecht and feel like Japanese, head over there! They're at Mariaplaats 9. BTW, they don't just to Tepan Yaki... They also serve excellent sushi and will make you _ramen_ or _udon_ noodles if you ask nicely!!! My new favourite restaurant :9

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