Rebuilding your company's network

2005-03-14 06:51:00

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Wooh boy, what a weekend! I never knew that changing one simple IP address on a server could have such pronounced effects.

Due to our IP ranges at work being too limited the Networks department has been working hard to get new switches installed. They're moving all of our servers from VLANs with a netmask of to ones with a netmask of As you can imagine this broadens the range of one VLAN significantly. That all sounds good, right? Well, naturally we need to be present to change the IP settings for all of our servers. Also, not too much work. Were it not for the fact that two of the servers being moved are replica servers for BoKS and NIS+.

Now normally these transitions aren't that difficult to perform, were it not for the fact that NIS+ had decided to act like an utter bitch for the weekend! After moving the server to its new switch we needed to rebuild it as a replica in order to propagate the new IP to all of its clients through the master. Usually this takes about half an hour, including the table copies. This time around though she was determined to cooperate as little as possible! Copying one table took about an hour from entering the command to finishing the copy!

All in all it cost me the better part of seven hours to get everything in place! Grrargh. But, in my defense, that includes reconfiguring all BoKS client systems and waiting until Networks had laid out the required patches :[ tags: ,

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