Travelling to Brussels, teaching a course

2004-02-10 08:01:00

Ah! This feels so incredibly good! ^_^

Today I'm travelling to Brussels, instead of heading off to the office like any other day, to give a short course to our IT colleagues over there. We're busy on a very exciting (and tiring) project which involves migrating hundreds of servers from London, over to the EU mainland. These servers will be placed within domains which involve a certain piece of security software that we use at $CLIENT, and the course I'm about to give covers just that!

Anyway. Not to delve too much into our company politics :) The reason I'm feeling so well this morning (it's about 8:30 now) is because I get to take the Thalys train into Brussels! This involves getting up at five in the morning, riding a luxury cab to Schiphol airport and then getting on the train around 7:15. $CLIENT even sprang for a first class ticket for me! So that means that I get to sit in a _very_ comfy seat, while working on the company's laptop and getting pampered by two lovely ladies. Don't you just _love_ a good, free breakfast?!

Speaking of pampering: I just booked a cab ride in Brussels _from_ the train! ^_^ This is so weird! I just can't help feeling giddy with excitement. (Gee Cailin! I guess you don't get around much, do you?!)

And speaking of laptops: right now I'm working on this HP Omnibook I borrowed from the company. It's running NT4, so it's both slow and instable : ( But my experiences during the last two weeks have lead me to decide that I seriously want a laptop of my own. Preferably an iBook of course! It's unbelievable how bloody useful these contraptions are and the amount of work I can get done with them while on the road!

Aniway, I'd better get back to work now! I'll be arriving at Brussels around 9:30, so I'd better review my course material one more time *shudder*

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