My switch to Apple and other updates

2003-11-11 21:32:00

Another day, another update :)

Last week I went out and bought my lovely Apple G5 tower... It's the basic single 1.6 GHz processor model and I've gone for all of the vanilla options. Later on, when/if I get more money, I'll upgrade the RAM with 512 MB extra and I'll add a second S-ATA hard drive for all of our home videos (which as of yet we still have to start making :P).

Anyway: I'm quite pleased with the comuter! It simply oozes sex and the OS, while it takes getting used to, is quite pleasent in daily use. Right now I'm waiting for my back order on Final Cut Express (w00t on the e250+ discount when buying an Apple) and on OS X 10.3 (aka Panther). The only thing missing right now is the GIMP, which is my favourite imaging tool. For all of you fellow amateurs out there who'd like a cheap/free alternative to Photoshop, check out

Work's still interesting/fun, although quite busy: currently I'm juggling about seven projects, trying to spread them all out evenly over my four day work weak (don't you just love working at a bank?!) which is quite a hassle, since oftentimes people'll jump in with extra work that needs to be done yesterday. Anyway, eventhough I may sometimes complain or bitch a little, I'm still quite happy at ${Customer}. ^_^

On a final note, about two weeks ago Marli and me visited 'het Spellen Spektakel', which is the Netherlands' largest game show. Once a year the city of Eindhoven is flooded by kids, parents and gaming geeks who all trud into the trade show building. Now, when I say "game" in this case I mean "board games" and "table top games" etc. We bought a _lot_ of stuff over there (among others over five booster displays for the Harry Potter CCG and two displays of Card Captor Sakura CCG), but overall we found the show to be a bit boring so we left quite early.

The two days after buying my new computer were filled with ups and downs, making for a couple of very hectic days with mood swings that quite contrasted each other. Not too good as you can image -_-' Anyway: check out the comic!

As you can see I've switched to another form of layout and story telling. I'm still getting used to it and might switch back to my original form in the future, but right now I'm quite pleased with how much this layout lets me tell. :) tags: , , ,

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