FoxT BoKS: changing a (root) user's password

2009-11-18 07:45:00

Speaking of over thinking things...

Recently I've been working on my script for the mass changing of root passwords, right? After working on it for a few days I've found three four five ways of changing a (root) user's password.

1. passwd $HOST:root

2. modbks -l $HOST:root -p "$ENCPASSWD"

3. boksauth -c FUNC=change_psw ... NEWPSW="$PASSWD"

4. boksauth -c FUNC=write TAB=1 ... +PSW="$ENCPASSWD"

5. restbase -s 1 ... $UPDATEFILE

Options 1 and 3 both use the plain text password string, where option 1 is obviously not useful for mass password changes because it's an interactive command. On the other hand options 2 and 4 both use the encrypted password string, thus creating the need for an encryption routine like Perl's "print crypt" method.

Options 3 and 4 are kludges because you're using the "boksauth" command to send calls directly to the servc process as if you were a piece of BoKS client software.

Option 5 is just too nasty to consider. Using the "restbase" command you can restore or overwrite parts of the BoKS database from plain text files in the BoKS dump ("dumpbase") format. This means that you could technically speaking make an update file containing an edited entry for the user in question, containing the new encrypted password string in the PSW field.

In my script I originally used option 2, but was dissatisfied with it because it did not update the PSWLASTCHANGE field in table 1. This in turn was screwing up our SOx audits, because all of our root passwords were listed as being over a year old which obviously wasn't true. This is why I switched to using "boksauth" and option 3.

And that's where the over thinking comes into the story. I don't know why both I and the guys from FoxT didn't think of this, but let's check the "modbks" man-page:

-L days = Set password last change date back days days.

Hooray for reading comprehension! /o/

This means that by simply adding "-L 0" to my modbks command I could've reset the PSWLASTCHANGE field to today. And it works for both BoKS 6.0 and BoKS 6.5. How did I miss this? I think I just need to sit down and read all BoKS man-pages because who knows what else I can come up with? :) tags: , ,

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